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About Our Service
Our Internet Presence Service consists of 3 parts: Website Design, Website Management and Internet Promotion Support

Each part is designed to help maximize the number of interested visitors to your website and to maximize the conversion rate of interested visitors to bookings.
In other words, our job is to help you get calls!

Part 1 - Website Design
We will design and build a state of the art website for your charter boat business that is interesting, informative, easy to use on computers, phones and tablets and most importantly makes the decision to book a charter with you an easy one.

Each page of your website includes built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to maximum rankings on search engines for your keywords (fishing, charters, your town, etc)

The Essentials
These webpages are the basic pages we provide and are needed for a good fishing charter website.

Home Page

Charters & Rates

Photo Gallery

About the Captain

About the Boat


Contact Us/Book a Trip

(Contact information and a handy “Book A Trip” form submitted to your email address)

Where We Depart
(Includes Maps & Directions)

(Site visitors can View & Write Reviews about your business for Google and TripAdvisor)

These webpages are also included with our Website Design Service:

Video Gallery
(Videos can also be placed on any webpage)

Local/Helpful Links
(for sharing back links with other websites as well as useful links for site visitors)

Fishing Reports
(a useful blog you write for site visitors and search engine optimization)

Gift Certificates
(information, samples and PayPal “Buy Now” buttons if you like)

Additional Pages
The more useful, relevant content on your website about your services and related topics, the more likely you are to be found by search engines and attract clicks.

We will add as many useful pages to your website as you wish providing:

1) You write the content. We will happily review the content of pages you write for spelling, grammar, etc. as part of our service. If we write the content there is a charge of $150 per page.

2) The content is original. Copying and republishing content is not only illegal but can get your website permanently blacklisted by Google. Whatever you have to say, just put it in your own words.

3) The content is relevant to your website. Content that is not relevant will diminish the overall importance of your website on search engines for your keywords and can confuse site visitors. Don’t write about your vacation to the Smokey Mountains when your website is about fishing in Florida! A good test is whether the content includes any of your important keywords.

Suggested Topics for Additional Pages

Pages dedicated to specific types of charters:
Offshore Fishing Charters
Inshore Fishing Charters
Nearshore Fishing Charters
Shark Fishing Trips
Freshwater/Backcountry Fishing
Extended/Overnight Fishing Trips
Surf Fishing
Specialty/Sightseeing Trips
Guided Hunts

Pages dedicated to your target species:
The Fish We Catch
Autumn Redfish Run
Spring Cobia Run
Tarpon Fishing
Snook Fishing
Bottom Fishing for Snapper & Grouper
Trolling for Mahi and Kings
Fishing Tips (by species if you wish)

These are just suggestions but what we add to your website is up to you! We even wrote a page titled “Sea to Table” about a combination fishing trip and dining experience that begins when the captain picks you up at the dock of a waterfront restaurant and ends with your catch prepared by the chef at the same restaurant. It was a hit by the way!

As far as you want to go with your website, we’re there to help! We will gladly consult with you on additional page topics and proper use of keywords on the page for the search engines. You can decide whether we write the content or if you do it yourself.

Part 2 - Website Management
Website management is ongoing. (A web master’s job is never done!) Our website management service includes:

1) Website Hosting - Hosting keeps your website online and available to anyone on the web including search engines.

2) Changes - Just let us know when you need changes on charter prices, new boats and equipment, hours, phone numbers, photos, text, personnel or whatever is needed to keep your website current.

3) Updates - We’ll add new photos, videos, charters, specials and seasonal promotions, whatever helps your website to convert more visitors to bookings.

4) Upgrades - In addition to the website pages listed above under Website Design, there are many additional features we can add to your website to enhance the experience of site visitors and to convert more site visitors to bookings. They include:

Social Media Icons - They link directly to your various social media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Trip Advisor Widgets - There are many available including Bravo Awards, Certificates of Excellence and Write a Review (directly from your website)

Facebook and Instagram Feeds - Visitors to your website see a live, real time display of posts to your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Pay Pal ‘Buy Now’ Buttons - Useful for taking deposits or for purchasing gift certificates on your website.

Newsletter Sign Up - If you wish to build a list of email addresses for a monthly newsletter, our Newsletter Sign Up system allows site visitors to submit their email address to you right on your website. Their email address and their approval is checked by an automated email verification process.
and whatever new features we can offer in the future!

Part 3 - Internet Promotion Support
The final and equally important part for good search engine rankings and getting business from the internet.

We provide set up assistance and ongoing support for these important Internet Promotional Tools:

Google My Business
(Your Google business page)

Google Maps

Google Analytics
(Detailed statistics provided free by Google that give valuable information regarding website traffic)



Apple Maps





Backlinks - More a strategy than a tool, backlinks can be very helpful towards good search engine rankings. Backlinks are usually acquired by swapping links with other related websites. These can be websites owned by friends and acquaintances with businesses in your community such as other boat charters or even seafood restaurants and bait shops! You can list your website for free on most local tourist guides, boating and fishing directories. We’ll guide and assist you through the process of developing backlinks.

Great Reviews - The single most important thing you can do to get more business from the internet is to get great reviews. We’ll make it easy to write Google and TripAdvisor reviews right on your website. We’ll even help you write responses to any bad reviews you may receive!

It’s a Team Effort
Success for your business on the internet is a team effort! We will do our part designing and managing your new website and you must do your part providing a great experience for your guests which will result in plenty of great reviews. Together we’ll take advantage of all the Internet Promotion Tools available.

Remember there is no single trick that gets you to the top of the search engines. Ultimately, it’s a popularity contest. The more clicks to, links to and searches for your website there are, the higher your website rises in the rankings.
Let’s Go to Work!

About Google Ads
Online advertising can be an important part of a boat charter captain’s overall online marketing strategy and smartly managed online advertising such as Google Ads can help. But if online advertising (or paying commissions to booking sites) is the only way you’re getting business from the internet, you’ve got a problem. Your overall internet presence is weak and you’re not getting your share of “free clicks”.

Our Pricing
Website Design, Website Management and Internet Promotion Support Service for Charter Boat Captains
Set Up Charge - $450
Monthly Charge - $175 (begins at month 2)
Additional Pages written by our staff - $150/page

Google Ads Management
Set Up Charge - $250
Monthly Charge - $125 (begins at month 2)

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